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New York

Featured hotels in New York, United States

Even with the lowering of the plane when you see New York, you will realize that you fall into a strange new world. With your first few steps out at the streets of the city, your neck will strat to hurt and you'll get dizzy to look up to the tops of skyscrapers.The Big Apple is a unique metropolis, life is modern and fast. The buildings are huge, people people are milions (the population is twice as large as that of Bulgarian citizens throughout, including our emigrants) and various-here you can meet people of any color, style of dress, religion, etc.The atmosphere of New York is unique, always busy and always dynamic. Things happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Here everyone can be completely themselves without worrying what others will say- New Yorkers just do not care if you are different. On the contrary, "different" means "modern."

In the context of New York, the words "rest" and "landmarks" lose their traditional meaning. We can not talk about holidays in New York there is always something happening and something is done. When talking about holidays in New York, we mean flux, patries and many emotions. Places in New York in the most extent of product development technology, skyscrapers, whose peaks can be seen, thousands of lights, video walls, large shops, museums wax statues. All this combined with the history and prehistory, dinosaur skeletons in the Natural History Museum, monuments dedicated to the moments of U.S. history and finished with unique people of the city, naked cowboy in Times Square, street tantsyori to the port from where boats depart for the Statue of freedom and the actors in Central Park, creating a unique image of the city. Empire State Building will charm you with its unique view over the city. Feeling is a 86th or 102nd floor of the building is amazing, knees soft, pupils expand and secretly wondering "Dear Lord, who made me get here?" Then you have the whole city with its bridges, streets and parks, like an enormous body. You see life flowing sttitsi feet below your feet. Amazement continued when you go down and went to the next stop, which it may be - American Museum of Natural History will give a walk among the dinosaurs, or around the Milky Way, Madame Tussauds will meet with your favorite Hollywood stars and world, the museum of oddities They will entertain and fascinate, Rockefeller Center will amaze you with its wealth and luxury, the Statue of Liberty, symbol of the United States, should not be missed. Red stairs to Times Square will feel zvedza and pictures with nude dancing and cowboy are required. Stores and Harshis Em En Ems are a paradise for chocolate maniacs and Hard Rock Cafe and Old Books are mandatory stops. You can see the history of the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, depicted on metal plates along the pedestrian zones and bicycle bridge. And after such a marathon around the Big Apple you can relax in Central Park, 'little oasis' in downtown New York, an area of 3372 hectares. Wall Street walk is required. They say that if rubbing the flank of the bull statue on Wall Street will certainly get rich.

As a city-logo-US country of unlimited possibilities, New York is the city of unlimited entertainment. Here one can find absolutely anything she wants. They say that if you find something that until now has not offered in the city could become a millionaire.Circuses, theater and opera productions, films, concerts, carnivals, Broadway musicals of the sea, sand and entertainment in New York. Here even the walk to the subway was a unique adventure. New York is a city that never sleeps, cafes and bars resrorantite work until the wee hours of the night. Bars and clubs are truly diverse and offers everything one could desire. The only thing that can be a problem is that they are there to allow the club to their age 21 years. People are fun and interesting. Sometimes asking ridiculous questions, but this part of American charm.

Eating and shopping
New York is the Mecca of gourmet shopping maniacs and people. There is no cuisine that you can not try here. No brand clothing, perfume or anything that you can not find here. But let's look at the "traditional" American cuisine. It is obligatory visit to McDonald's, Kay and his Eph Burger King Hamburger, fries and soda. Continuing with dessert, donuts and ice coffee at Dunkin Donnelly, coffee, chocolate cookies or muffins at Star Bucks or cheese cake from a shop. Let's not forget Harshis-shekoladat will return to your childhood. Ice cream in large boxes and very very tasty. If you still visit the restaurant to mingle with the city socialite, research, restaurants are places where dress code and number of digits in the bank account is required. Malls and Shops in New York are thousands. From boutique stores, in shops other branded goods reduced from previous collections to Indian and Chinese-Sergius everything there. It is obligatory to stop at stores like Victoria's Secret, Armani, Burberry and Donna Karan.

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