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Featured hotels in Marmaris, Turkey

Song of the crystal clear waters caressing golden sand beach and aroma of pine and salt water are carried through the streets of Marmaris. Turkish resort, situated where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean, is one of the most popular resorts for summer holidays and a favorite place for recreation for the rich and famous. Whether you are longing for the kiss of scorching summer sun on your skin as you lounge on the golden beach, or dreaming of the cool embrace of the mountains, Marmaris can give you all this. Your holiday in Marmaris will be full of unforgettable moments, many wonderful emotions, songs, dances, sea breeze and the sound of fairy-forest oasis in the modern world.

One of the main attractions in Marmaris is a Turkish bath.Bathing in a Turkish bath is not just action and experience. They say that nobody was ever really clean, if not bathed in a Turkish bath. Little castle of Marmaris, located on the port your zalsuzhava also be considered, mainly because of the fabulous views that razklriva the city. Take the boat and walk to the island Dzhennet. Visit the cave on the island, whose only entrance is from the sea. Visit Sedation and island-island Cleopatra. The beach is covered with golden sand, which is not anywhere else in the Mediterranean. Legend has it that Mark Antony ordered to bring this sand from Egypt for his honeymoon month Cleopatra. Although scientists have proven that this is only legend, the removal of sand from the island is prohibited. Before traghete necessarily vsemete your shower and towels and shoes are prohibited. The Greek island of Rhodes is the preferred destination for a trip from Marmaris. The road is only an hour away by ferry.

The entertainment possibilities in Marmaris are many and varied. Mountain and beach offer visitors unforgettable emotions, opportunities for water sports, hiking in the mountains or just relax under the warm sun and the shadows of the pine forests. Nightlife of the resort is colorful and turbulent. Huge outdoor facilities, placing different styles of music, foam-money and plenty of hot drinks to suit every taste. Partying in Marmaris continues until dawn.

Nutrition and Tourism
Be sure to experience the Turkish cuisine and try some of the countless temptations it offers. Definitely try one of Turkish desserts such as baklava or Turkish delight that just melt in your mouth. Enjoy a sumptuous meal of oriental background rhythms and merry company of the local population. Explore the customs of the people there love the place even more. This market will find typical Turkish goods, carpets, souvenirs and jeweries, delight and sweets. In the port area you will find expensive designer stores. Here everyone will find what you seek. The condition is to market, usually starting price is 2-3 times higher than the final, but bargaining is mandatory and entertaining hour of shopping in Marmaris.

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  The best price is based on 4 provider results
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Durmazlar Sokak No: 14, Şirinyer Mahallesi | Marmaris(Muğla)
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Turunç, Marmaris | Marmaris(Muğla)
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  The best price is based on 5 provider results
  The best price is based on 4 provider results
  The best price is based on 4 provider results
  The best price is based on 5 provider results