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General Terms for Use of the Website

The acceptance of the present General Terms is a precondition for use of the website The terms will be applicable from the time you entered the website. The terms will be applied for all services offered by the website Through the access and use of the website in any way, you express your consent and you accept the General Terms. This means that between you and the owner of the website we shall have establishment of a contractual relationship. Therefore, you need to read the terms carefully and in case you disagreed with them, you should immediately stop the use of the website.


means a reservation system providing free information and opportunity to realize electronic reservations using the website This is a website and an online platform;

“The Company“/”Astral Holidays“
means Astral Holidays International AD, UI code 203815332. The Company manages and administers the website and it is also the owner of this website.

means the web pages with information. Each of these web pages is property of Astral Holidays. Each website can include texts, images, videos, etc. This is a place in the global Internet network accessible through its unified web address (URL) using the protocols HTTP and HTTPS;

means a website (including mobile version) and appendices through which we have provision of Service/Services owned, controlled, maintained and/or hosted by

means the Agreement between Astral Holidays and a Partner with regard to their mutual rights and obligations which are subject of the present General Terms. The Agreement will be considered to be concluded with the acceptance of the General Terms by the Partner.

means online reservation service associated with the different types of products and services.

“Service Provider(s)/”Provider(s)“
means contractors and/or partners of Astral Holidays who provide different services and products.

“Terms“/”General Terms”
means the terms for use of the website and the respective services offered therein;

means any legal entity using the services of with whom Astral Holidays has concluded a contract.

of the Partner are the users as specified in LCP and/or a legal entity which used the tourism services offered by the Partner through the website;

(the Contract) is a written agreement between Astral Holidays and a legal entity. By the power of this Contract, the legal entity will be able to use the website;

means reservation of a service offered by the system;

“Real time reservation”
means reservation in real time of an available service in the specific moment of reservation, marked by the button “Reserve”.

“Reservation “by request”
means reservation which should be confirmed or cancelled additionally by the administrators of the website

“Annulment terms”
– these are terms which define the period when the consumer can annul a reservation with no default amount/penalty due and the periods when the consumer will owe a default/penalty and its value.

All definitions specified above will be applicable to the present General Terms and also with regard to all policies and rules identified by

  • General Terms Subject
    • The present rules represent concurrently the General Terms and Terms for Use of and also the Agreement between the Partner and Astral Holidays.
    • By using the website, the Partners agree with all that is specified in the present use terms and they declare that they have read the terms and were aquianted to the terms.
    • In case some of the provisions of these terms appeared invalid, this will not bring invalidity with regard to the other provisions of the General Terms.
    • The present terms do not modify the Contract but they supplement it and affect the use of the website In case some of the provisions of the present terms contradicted a provision of the Contract, we shall have application of the Contract provision.
  • Website use
    • By using you agree and declare the following: - You will use the Website according to the Use Terms and the Contract;

      - You will not realize fraudulent or false reservations;
    • The services provided through the Platform will become available to the Partner only after a name and a password were entered. These will be received by the latter after signing the Contract with Astral Holidays.
  • Ownership declaration
    • All that is available in the website represents exclusive property of Astral Holidays. All copyrights related to the content of are based on origination grounds associated with Astral Holidays.
    • The content of the website, the presentation and structuring of information are exclusive property of Astral Holidays. These have been created completely by Astral Holidays and they represent copyrighted materials. As such materials they are protected by the Law on Copyright and Associated Rights. Every non-regulated use, including but not limited by publishing, reproduction and sale of information and photos from the website in any form without a specific consent document provided by Astral Holidays in writing is prohibited and represents a law violation.
    • All right associated with industrial property, including but not limited by trademarks and so on which are property of Astral Holidays can be used only and solely by Astral Holidays.
    • Nobody has the right to copy, publish, encourage, sell, bestow, integrate and/or use in any way the content presented in the website and/or the brand owned by Astral Holidays without the explicit consent of the latter in writing.
    • The Partners agree that they will not use the device or software and try affecting the proper operation of the website. The improper use of the website may lead to violation of the Law on Copyright, trademarks or other laws associated with intellectual property. We shall not have modification, concealing or deletion of copyright texts. It is prohibited to send or transfer illegal materials, threats, slander, inappropriate, pornographic or profanity materials, materials encouraging criminal activities or materials with viruses or other types of threats.
    • In view of each non-regulated use associated with the preceding section, the Partners should compensate Astral Holidays and/or the respective person/entity whose rights have been violated.
  • Protection of personal data.
    • Astral Holidays International AD, UI code 203815332, head office and management body address in the Republic of Bulgaria, Plovdiv, 56 Kapitan Raycho Str. (hereinafter referred to as Astral Holidays and/or the “Company”) is a personal data administrator.
    • Astral Holidays will process the personal data of the Partner in compliance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, effective in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria (LPDP). As of May 25, 2018 the personal data of the Partner will be processed in compliance with Regulation (ЕС) 2016/679 by the European Parliament and the Council dated April 27, 2016 with regard to the protection of natural persons and the processing of personal data and the free movement of this data; also in relation to the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC (General Regulations associated with the protection of personal data) and all regulations which will replace LPDP.
    • Beside data related to their employees/representative, the Partner will provide to Astral Holidays only personal data of Clients who gave their explicit consent for provision of their data to Astral Holidays.
    • The personal data being processed is data provided by the Partner in relation to the following: - provision of Services which can be reserved through the platform;

      - the Contract.
    • The personal data will include: first name, family name, age, nationality, mobile/non-mobile telephone, address and email.
    • The provision of personal data of clients on the part of the Partner can be only and solely for the purposes associated with the Contract and in relation to Services provided by Astral Holidays to their Partners and, respectively, to their Clients.
    • When providing personal data, the Partners declare the following: - They have acquired the explicit consent of the Client in writing with regard to the provision of data to Astral Holidays;

      - They have informed the Client with regard to all rights which the latter had in relation to the provision of data to Astral Holidays; also in relation to the cases when Astral Holidays can provide personal data to third parties.
    • In relation to the provision of data associated with representatives/employees of Partners, the data of the persons will be processed by Astral Holidays only in relation to the purposes of the Contract and the provision of Services subject of the present terms. If no such data related to specific natural persons was provided – representatives/employees of the Partner(s), the Partner(s) will not be able to use the services offered through the website
    • The data which the Partners can provide to their employees are the following: names, telephone numbers, email addresses. This data or parts of it can be provided to third parties only and solely in order to provide the Services which are subject of the Contract and are offered by the website
    • This data will be stored for a period of 5 years.
    • The employees/representatives of the Partners can disagree with the processing of data. They have the right to access and modify their personal data processed by Astral Holidays under the conditions of chapter V of the law on personal data protection, including the request of deletion, modification and updating. They can prohibit the provision of data to third parties, etc. They can also request from Astral Holidays the following : - confirmation about whether data associated with them are processed; information about the goals of this processing, categories of data and recipients to whom data is being provided;

      - message to those in comprehensible form with personal data which is processed and any available information about the source;

      - information about the logic of every automated processing of personal data related to those;

      - deletion, modification or blocking of their personal data, the processing of which didn’t meet the requirements of the law on the protection of personal data;

      - notification of the third parties to whom data was provided in relation to each deletion, modification or blocking realized in compliance with the information above, excluding the cases when this was not possible or if it was related to excessive efforts.

      Each of the requests and/or notices specified above can be realized in writing by mail and/or email to the following address: Astral Holidays International AD, address: Republic of Bulgaria, Plovdiv, 56 Kapitan Raycho Str., p.c. 4000; email address:

    • The Partners will be obliged to inform their respective representatives/employees about their rights described above.
  • Methods for protection of personal data
    • The maintenance of data security means guaranteeing confidentiality, integrity and availability (for the permitted uses) related to personal data. Confidentiality means that only the persons who are authorized to use the data will have access to the data. Integrity means that the personal data should be accurate and appropriate for the goals associated with data processing. Availability means that the authorized users will have access to the data, if necessary, with regard to the permitted purposes. Respectively, Astral Holidays will provide proper measures against the illegal or unauthorized processing of personal data and against its accidental loss or destruction. These principles will be applied through the use of suitable hardware and software measures for protection (including input and control of system access, keys, firewalls, etc.) Astral Holidays has procedures and technologies for maintenance of security associated with all categories of personal data from the stage of collection to the stage of destruction.
  • Liability limitations
    • Astral Holidays will not be liable with regard to the failure to provide services through the website if there emerged circumstances beyond the company’s control – in cases of force majeure events, random events, Internet problems and also in cases of unauthorized access or intervention by third parties in relation to the operation of the information system or servers through which the website operates.
    • Astral Holidays will not be responsible for losses, missed benefits and other damages inflicted upon the Partners associated with the website as a result of the use of services and information on their part and also in relation to the inability to use the offered services and information.
    • By accepting the present General Terms, the Partner associated with declare that the use of the provided services will be with assumption of risk and responsibility totally on their part.
    • Astral Holidays will not be liable for the compatibility of various devices with the website and also with regard to any technical problems which might emerge in relation to the use of by the Partners.
    • Astral Holidays will not be liable with regard to incorrect information provided by service providers whereas the services will be offered by the website, including but not limited to information provide by hotels, hotel managers, tour operators and/or tourism agencies, transporters, etc.
    • Astral Holidays will not be liable for the quality of services provided by the service providers. The information associated with specific services is provided by the respective Service Provider and it is published in the website in the form and with characteristics which the respective Service Provider provided to Astral Holidays. Astral Holidays will not be responsible for incidents during the stay of Partners in hotels selected by them either or with regard to any other actions on the part of hotel managers and/or service providers.
  • Reservations and reservation terms
    • Any reservation “in real time” or reservation “by order” will be considered an act (or order) for purchase of the respective service, subject of the specified reservation. By confirming the reservation the website will send to the Partner a reservation confirmation by email with the reservation number.
    • The responsibility of the Partner to check their reservation and inspect the attributes of all associated and confirmed parameters.
    • Each confirmed reservation should be paid within the period specified in the Contract for use of the system signed with the Partner.
    • The accommodation at the hotel will be realized through an electronic voucher issued by the system of associated with the presentation of personal documents certifying the Client identity related to the reservation.
    • Astral Holidays reserves their right to annul a confirmed and paid-for reservation in case of official rejection by a hotel to realize the specified accommodation. In this case Astral Holidays will be obliged to offer an alternative accommodation in a hotel with the same of higer category in the same city/resort with no additional payment. If the Partner, respectively the Client of the latter, didn’t accept the proposed alternative accommodation, they may abandon the ordered services with no default payments or compensations due. Astral Holidays will repay the amounts within 30 days after the reception of the cancellation notice.
    • Changes in hotel, period, room type, meals, reservation names and annulments in real time and with regard to an order can be realized by the Partner before the annulment and there will be no default amounts due.
    • Changes related to hotels, periods, room types, meals, names related to reservations and annulment of reservations in real time and orders after the annulment period with no default amounts payment will be on the basis of inquiries and Astral Holidays reserves their right to reject the modification or annulment in case those were officially denied by the hotel.
    • Changes and annulments of reservations with no default payment can be realized by the Partner according to the periods specified in Annulment Terms regarding each service offered by
    • After the annulment period with no default payment due, specified in the Annulment Terms, any change or annulment of the reservation will be a subject of penalty according to the conditions specified in Annulment Terms.
    • In case of failure to comply with the Annulment Terms, the difference between the amount associated with a reservation paid for by a Partner and the imposed penalty by the hotel in relation to complete or partial annulment will be repaid within 30 days after the cancellation date in the way the Partner has realized their payment.
    • All prices identified in the website are in euro /EUR/ or Bulgarian leva /BGN/, depending on the setting selected by the Partner. The prices of are calculated according to the margin which the Partner themselves identified in their profile.
    • Astral Holidays will not be liable in case of announced lower prices at the reception of a certain hotel in relation to the prices specified by the website
    • The payment methods are settled between Astral Holidays and the Partner in the Contract.
    • The categorization of offered hotels by is the official one. This is announced by the hotel managers according to the effective law in the country where the hotel is located. This categorization has information purposes and it is not a guarantee for the quality of the services provided by the hotel.
  • Reservation and issuance of airplane tickets
    • It should be considered that we have effective provisions of the Montréal Convention and the preceding Warsaw Convention. These provisions will be valid during the entire trip, including every sub-trip within the country of departure or arrival. The applicable convention and the additional transport agreements, included in the tariff terms stipulate also limitations associated with the airline liability.
  • Applicable law and jurisdiction
    • All disputes between the Partners and Astral Holidays will be settled in spirit of amiability and goodwill. In case no agreement could be reached, all unsettled disputes related to the Parties will be examined by the competent court as specified in the effective Bulgarian legislation.
  • Right to change the terms
    • Astral Holidays reserves their right to realize changes in the present General Terms at any time with prompt specification of the changes on the website together with a message about the realized changes in the General Terms. The Partners should review regularly the Terms of Use in order to learn about the additional changes therein.
    • Astral Holidays reserves their right to terminate all activities associated with the website with no notification being sent to the Partners.

The present General Terms will become effective on 23.01.2018 г.